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Strickland Tree Service provides skilled tree services to the Birmingham, AL area, whether it’s removing a tree from your home after a storm or trimming a tree to encourage healthy development.

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When Strickland Tree Service is on the job, you never have to worry; the safety of you and your property is our first priority. We pay close attention to details and work as efficiently as possible to handle your request. We are a Better Business Bureau member. Call us today!


Dangerous Tree Removal

Don’t wait until it’s too late! When a tree is damaged beyond repair it can become a danger to homes and loved ones. When a tree interferes with power lines, when roots destroy foundations and when a tree becomes unstable due to root rot or fungus it must be removed. Trust a professional outfit with experience in dangerous tree removal.

The most harmful trees are those that have died. The fact that a dead tree’s root system is no longer holding it in place makes it extremely dangerous. The tree is now in grave risk of crashing and smashing anything in its path.

Some trees will simply fall over due to their own weight. The most prevalent situation for tree damage, however, is during strong winds or storms. A healthy tree can usually sway in the wind without snapping or toppling. A dead tree caught in a high wind, on the other hand, lacks the flexibility to swing and is therefore very likely to topple. When a fully grown tree falls on a house or vehicle, it can cause extensive damage.

Tree Trimming Services

Trees that hang over your roof, that have weak or broken boughs or that show signs of disease should be trimmed back. Trimming trees not only helps them to be safer for the structures and people around them, it also helps to preserve and improve the health of the tree. When trees have a heavy canopy the sunlight that a tree’s leaves need to thrive gets blocks off the supply of sunlight to the tree.

You know how gorgeous our trees can be if you live in Alabama. You probably take pride in the appearance of your home and how much a good tree reflects the life you live on your land. We’re a local tree trimming service that can help you clean, trim, and beautify your property by removing dead or sick limbs, limbs that are causing damage to electricity lines or cables, and overgrowth that may be home to insects or other pests you don’t want on your land.

Tree trimming benefits your property’s health, minimizes injuries and property damage, and can help keep insects and other problems at bay.

Stump Removal Services

Why cut down the tree only to leave an unattractive stump behind? The process of eliminating a stump below the soil level is known as stump grinding.

Stumps left in the ground can be more than an eyesore, they can become hazards. Stumps that project above ground where there is foot traffic can be a serious tripping hazard. But worse, often tree stumps left in the ground can still have roots that can get tangled around plumbing and cause cement sidewalks and asphalt paths to become uneven. Tree stumps can also be a haven for all types of pests, including termites.

Whether you’ve recently had a tree removed or have been mowing around a stump in your yard for years, we can grind the tree’s base down to below ground level, allowing you to mow straight over it. 

Tractor Work & Debris Hauling

For the ordinary homeowner, clearing branches and small trees from their property may be a time-consuming and irritating operation. Brush and tree detritus around your home can detract from its appearance and, in some situations, its value.

We’ll clear your ground area and remove all of the debris in the process. Whether you have storm damage, fallen tress, or just want to clear a lot for a garden or patio, we’ll remove any foliage and clutter, clear the ground, and haul off the debris. If you have debris left over from someone else’s project that just needs to be gone, we’ll haul that off too!

We concentrate on clearing any size lot, large or small. We have the right equipment to get the job done safely and quickly. When you contact us for brush removal in the Birmingham area, we will come to your location to assess the situation and make recommendations.


Holy cow!!!! These guys were fast and efficient. They took down a large oak tree that was right next to my house fast and for a great price, including grinding the stump. 5/5 I would hire them again.

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